Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hudson at 3 (months)

Finally, a proper Dallas report.

Last week in Dallas (as the Mavericks toiled), Dad and Sarah, and then dad for almost 48 hours single-handedly, looked after Hudson. They report a charge who's nights are sublime and to schedule, and whose days are (still) on the fussy, don't-you-dare-put-me-down side. And he pooped lots, ate heartily and smiles for reasons beyond passing gas.

More recently, this in from Lynn:
"Hudson went for his 2 month check up today.
He weighed 10.6 pounds and was 22 inches.
He was perfect until he got 3 needle sticks which included 5 immunizations.
He was so mad, surprised, and hurt that he could only open his mouth wide for a silent scream. By the time he got the 3rd shot he was totally audible.
Lots of deep sighs once he quieted down. Chad was there to comfort him."


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