Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Then there's the flip-side

Hudson, cradled by the not-so-much-bigger, cousin Bailey Brown.

Bailey was very taken with Hudson. Hudson seems - if not taken - then comfortable in her arms. Baley's parents, Chad's brother Matt and miraculous wife, MK have visited alot.

The beginnings of an extended family. Good stuff.


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Jen Eli said...

I am an old high school classmate of Chad's. My thoughts have been completely consumed by his and your family's loss. I appreciate the updates you are giving on Hudson, Chad, and your family. You and your sister seem to be of incredible character and diverse upbringing. Chad was always one of my favorite people...the kind you just want to squeeze all the time. Hudson is so precious..and so healthy..a little miracle. Congratulations on becoming an aunt. Jen Eli