Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Linds and Mom

I drove up from the city yesterday: Henry Hudson-Sawmill-Taconic and got off an exit early, at Bull's Head Road. Which was the Wayson exit - mom and Rod's old house.

Take a left on Bulls Head, pass Field Road (past Wayson and her barns, still spectacularly set though a plastic swingset's been added, still missed) - it's about another mile to Milan Hollow Road. Take a right and follow its swooping course.

Unheralded, just past the umpteenth pasture and farm, keep an eye out for the tiny cemetary that sits on either side of the road. There's no sign announcing it - I think it's offically the Milan Hollow cemetary but I'm not sure. There's a protected noticeboard - I suppose for annnoucements - but the last pinned-up papers have faded to white. I've never seen other mourners. The still-legible graves date to the early 1800s.

Mom's grave sits a little ways up the hill. We buried her ashes there a few years back. Along with a pair of jade rings and a tennis ball used by Jefferson. I don't go often enough. Bill and George go regularly, and often bring a potted plant of the season.

I realized no one had told Mom about Linds (though I imagine they've already met up), so I brought the earthly news. I laid out the Linds memory book we made, some lilacs, and left the two together.

Love C

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