Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's been a month of Hudson

Dad and Sarah have checked in nightly from their post.

They're having a ball - applying the same problem-solving-in-the-field expertise to the micro of feeding/changing/resting Hudson. They've spent careers getting the good to the people; now they witness the good itself.

We've progressed quickly from the backward diaper debacle. Our Dallas team, with the tools and tips handed over by Lynn, have achieved some grace. That comfort level - when the needful becomes rote - has allowed them to bask (just bask) in Hudson's glow.

This from Sarah:
We are enjoying the simply incredible pleasures of early grandparenting with a newborn, even under the dark clouds of Lindsey's clear, and unchangeable absence. There is a hole in the house and in our hearts. But we carry on.

I have Hudson in my learning laboratory on the bed, with lots of books around about one month olds. I have assembled all of the black and white toy objects for him to sample. He is beginning to grab a little, or am I imagining this? His arms to flail about, he gazes, and he whimpers, cute little sounds. He is very alert for his age cohort group.

He gulped down 4 ounces for the 10am feed. We have fun playing togehter, and all thing remotely global, like problems in Belarus, the issues in Myanmar, the hell in Darfur, have oddly escaped me for a few days. I feel the true meaning of 'presence' in the buddhist sense, in a new way, with my grandson.

Love C (must note that Hudson is captured here in a downward-tight-fetal-sleep posture not unlike his aunt's...)


Natalia said...

Courtney – Natalia from Houston (or should I say Peru…) Anyway, checking your blog is the first thing I do every morning, so thank you so much for keeping us updated on Hudson, Chad and the rest of the family.

Annie Stephenson said...

Court- I live for these updates! Thank you for capturing the photos and often expressing just how I'm do it so well!
I love you! Annie