Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Image of peace

I haven't done much actual reporting on my time in Dallas (prone to musings).

The truth is, Hudson was pretty grumpy for a lot of my stay. The week before the poor fellow'd been diagnosed with acid reflux - this made him unhappy. While I was there, the medicine hadn't kicked in and after an especially fussy and inconsolable stretch, we took him to his doctor to see if there might be more to be found out.

Good news was nope. Breathing, blood (taken from his toe - sad little band-aided wound): all excellent. The doctor dismissed him with a clean bill and murmurings of colic.

We started him on colic medication and hoped for peace (for Lynn's sake as well as his).

Anyway, a week later and this from Chad.

The little man is doing much better...not sure if the medicine final controlled the acid reflux, but he is eating much more comfortably these days...and I'm thankful for that. We believe he is on the verge of a real smile -- one that he controls and is reflective of his good mood at the time. It should happen in the next week.

C - promising you'll get the first smile news here (first)

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