Friday, May 19, 2006

How to explain

I returned late last night from Dallas. R received me, my gushing. At one point in my baby-babel, I claimed that H might be something divine. Like divine divine.

Maybe a reach (I still have Hudson's dribble on my shirt shoulders and my sleep cycle enmeshed in his feeding one), but, as I confirmed with Sarah on the phone last night, Hudson imparts some light.

Faced red and screwed in rage, diaper filled, fists clenched (with little bits of crap and lint stuck in their folds - smelly "like belly buttons" as Lynn said), baby acne on his nose, arms springing free of swaddling, hair malleably greasy - even in this state he imparts something wonderful.

Looking into Buddhism (a free-ranging believer's wont), there are the Bodhisattvas. Divine beings who've elected to stay on earth until we all can attain nirvana as well. Or, neatly put:
"If I know how to swim, and even one other being cannot, then it is right to remain behind in this world to assist them until they know how to save themselves from drowning."

No more Buddha-babble after this post (and apologies for my hunt-and-peck version here), but I'm sharing.

C - who has so many more pictures to post and Hudson tales to tell.

Stay tuned.

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