Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Memorial Day Linds

Dad and Sarah arrived in the city last night, coming practically straight from Laguardia to Ruslan's new apartment on 70th, which we'd moved into that day.

(R's new apartment is pretty dreamy. Blue bedroom soothing, bathroom counterspace vast, the superintedant fans out the WSJs in the lobby, crazy proximity to the park - like some hotel in the city you/we couldn't afford. But your clothes stay in the closet, your conditioner's in the shower and the Lime Diet Cokes in the fridge less than $5 a piece.)

R's doing final cleaning of the old place this morning (I'll join soon). Dad and Sarah have gone to Oyster Bay to visit with Mimi and pick up 3 decades worth of inherited National Geographics.

This afternoon, the 4 of us will drive north to the Adirondacks. We'll poke around Keene Valley, we'll canoe and make dad row us in the guide boat, I imagine we'll hike about. Maybe we'll have a drink at the Ausable Club.

We'll be missing Linds.

We were last there with the Rowan, Pyle and Brickley cousins, some time in the 90s. Too long ago - it was getting harder to gather family at far-away locations. Linds and I slept, sleeping bag by sleeping bag, on the balsam boughs of the lean-to. The grown-ups laid the fire out front. Harold made blueberry pancake breakfasts and hot chocolate with condensed milk. Harold told bear tales and packed almond hershey bars for our walks. We sought moose at night - quiet-paddling with flashlights.

I imagine Linds would have taken Hudson as soon as he was trail-ready.

Loving you Linds, and we'll be taking it in for you. And making it safe for Hudson.


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