Thursday, May 04, 2006

The cousins (mom's side today - dad's tomorrow)

One of the wonders of my family, and an era past, is photo albums. Mom chronicled and kept our pasts in order. And dear dad, when he cleared storage recently, made me keeper of a good portion of them.

Linds has some too - the later years. I have, thankfully, the early ones (best to forget my circa '80's haircut).

The following 3 photos are for our dear Stephenson and Gates cousins: our growing-up-together years.

It's clear looking back that we were lucky. Our then all-still-married parents were a posse of grown-ups, headed by grandma and grandpop, who on our behalf:

Laid easter egg hunts each spring in Sea Island
Constructed cardboard Burger King stands on Christmas eve in Westwood (and chose christmas present themes including the featured: sunglasses-and-bathrobes-for-all year. There was a beanbags year too.).
Photo-propped us on grandpop's mower at Meadowlark Hill.
Raised us 7 as a collective.

The cousins, now extended outwards and with another generation advancing (Hudson the latest) continue to be a collective. Their support throughout has been run through with our shared memories.

Linds loved everyone, but she had an extra-sliver alotted to the cousins. They were, and still are, Linds' people.

C - sending them so much love

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