Monday, May 08, 2006

Changing of the diaper-guard

at 5927 Vanderbilt,
Dad and Sarah, went down to Dallas.

(A baby-guard's life, is terribly hard, said Lynn.)

Dad and Sarah flew down to Dallas Saturday, relieving Lynn from her active duty and a post - of comforter-to-all and caretaker-to-Hudson - held since April 13. She'll be back soon, I hope she rests well and is looked after.

No big reports yet from the new team in place. They'd assumed nominal duties Saturday when I spoke to them but should be well in the swing of baby-minding and 3am bottles by now.

And, I hope, since there are two of them (v Lynn's one), one will photograph as the other attends to mr. hudson.

C (reporting live from dallas next week...)

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