Monday, May 08, 2006

Celastrus orbiculata or Oriental Bittersweet

Nature, again, bests the imagination.

So, I've spent most of the last week at my house upstate. I return tomorrow. My city interludes are brief, and efficient these days - I miss the country and spring up there's brilliant. And the Circa Trade shop needs attention.

And I've been tending to my "garden". Really, an expanse of bumpy, weedy, patches-of-lush lawn, one surprisingly succcesful flower bed laid by the previous owners, straggly purple lilacs that need a good pruning and some no-man's land by the road which I've claimed. I clear the land of drive-by trash (who tosses that??), I cleared it of branches and brush and leaves, and now - with my enormous Fiskar pruning sheers - I'm clearing the vines that killed the trees there.

Insidious, invasive, non-native (not xenophobic but bad-seeds-from-abroad...), vines have wrapped the little forest so tightly they're imbedded in the bark they kill. They suffocate and, when I've finally cut them back and ripped them out by their long-trailing roots, the young trees I've freed are quite dead. You can knock over the little saplings, nothing binds them to the earth.

I know all of gardening's awash in metaphors but, really.

C - attacking gardner

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