Friday, April 28, 2006

Soon: may flowers

R and I ran in the park last night, the southern loop (in good time). It was crowded with fair weather-joggers, sleekly-satisfied bikers, strollers and horse-drawn tourists. It was also full of flowers and, at 7:20, a soft violet light. It looked so beautiful.

Today is cooler, but clear. The delis of our city are fronted by great bloomin' color - and the scent of lilacs (R bought some for the living room, mine are almost out upstate).

Spring is rushing forward.

And Hudson's grown some crazy amount.

And April's almost over.

And I miss Linds.


(When we were little, living in Boston and glued to ZOOM, Linds and I sent in a joke. If they'd chosen it to read on air, I think we'd have won a ZOOM shirt.

The joke:
April showers bring May flowers,
What do Mayflowers bring?


This was as funny as it got for us. )

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