Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A little backtrack/recap

I never reported on the Memorial: in every way the celebration we'd hoped for.

Our family's most sincere thanks to Linds + Chad's friends, to Bruce, Albert, Pam and all of Hyperion, to Jason, Brian and Celia and EVERYONE at Frito Lay, to the Atheneum, the clouds that didn't rain on us and the crows that saw fit to just fly over our heads, not deliver onto them.

The program:

Remembering Lindsey

Invocation: Rev. Ashley Jansen

Prayer: Bruce Thompson (Hyperion Colleague)

Reflections: David Pyle (Lindsey’s Father)

Reading:Chris Nichols (Lindsey’s Step-Brother), Do Not Stand by My Grave, Mary Frye

Reflections: Courtney Pyle (Lindsey’s Sister)


Reflections: Lynne and Bill Brown (Chad’s Parents)

Homily: Rev. Ashley Jansen

Reflections: Jason McDonell, Brian Graybill (Frito Lay Colleagues)

Reading: Matt Brown (Chad’s Brother), from The Prophet, Khalil Gibran

Reflections: Chad Brown

* Moment of Silence *

MUSIC: Amazing Grace

Closing Benediction: Rev. Ashley Jansen

At this time there will be an opportunity, for those who wish, to share their own remembrances of Lindsey (Johnny, Rod, Chad's uncle and Linds' Exeter friends spoke).

MUSIC: "Ooooh Child" sung by Sarah Vaughan


3:30 – 5pm, Reception immediately to follow service at DeGoyler House & Gardens

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Anonymous said...

If you had the courage/strength/ability to post your remarks from the memorial, we'd really value reading them.