Thursday, April 27, 2006

Himalayan prayers, for Linds

These just in from Nina in Kathmandu. There will be one more day of the Phowa, then Rinpoche will burn Linds' photo, symbolizing the "completion of the transference of consciousness."

Nina also sent an other-realm-ly sound file of the chanting and drum. (A better blogger would know how to post that too - share the shivers.)

As my godmother Jeannie (mother of Nina) said:
"Loved seeing how comfortable Linds looked on Rinpoche's altar. I loved seeing Linds, Nina, Lobsang, Rinpoche all gathered in the same place and know Linds was somehow enjoying being remembered in that far away and very troubled mountain kingdom by that wonderfully random cast of characters."

C - grateful for these, thank you Nina, Lobsang and Rinpoche

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