Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All the kind words, and traditions of many

Lindsey's friend from Exeter, Sabrina, sent this.

"The Jewish tradition, if a death and a birth coincide,
we are obligated to celebrate birth (and life) in the midst of our sorrow.
That beautiful boy was given every ounce of his mother’s beauty and character the moment she passed.
We will be able to see Lindsey in him every day and he will get twice as much love because of it."

Another good friend Nina will do a Phowa (the transference or ejection of consciousness into the state of truth and bliss) for Linds in Kathmandu.

And so many other wonderful emails.

Thanks so much to everyone. I can't respond to all but know I'm reading them. And so is Linds.

(Compiling Friday's Remembering Lindsey book and the program now. It'll be a Linds mix of Bob Hope/Dalai Lama/Nathalie Merchant/Saint Exupery...She would have charmed the room of them.)



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