Thursday, March 16, 2006

What a lovely (roman) pot

"A very rare and attractive Roman Glass Flask dating to 300 AD.

The artefact enjoys a lovely green colour and patination. It has an attractive bulbous body and etched whorl decoration.

Height: 2 3/4 inches. Intact, undamaged.

A similar example sold in Sotheby's New York with a reserve of $1100. See Lot 375 Wednesday December 14, 1994. (Old English collection.)"

(An ebayer across the pond writes).

Antiquities, in this case a smaller-than-your-palm glass pot, circa (um) 300AD. Bidding's at $81 - reasonable for an antiquity of ones own.

Of the world's collection, just one little bit of glass set aside for oneself - you'd give it pride of place. And to have one piece from Roman times. Pretty neat, something to fondle, show guests, pass on. More legacy than a Crate + Barrel sofa, a west elm mounted whatever.

Then (distracted by history's wealth on offer), there are the illuminated manuscripts, the ottoman edict, the han burial figure, the slice of angkor itself...

ebay = ecco's library, for sale.

C - sorely tempted.

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