Monday, March 06, 2006

Uruguay: Discuss

Uruguay: la República Oriental del Uruguay
Deleware of South America, borderland of good roads, antique cars in use, roadside squatters and cattle.

Means: River of the painted bird.

Land without landlines, where an estancia owner might have satellite, a landing strip and more cattle than a small nation, but no internet access.

Where the homestead estancias of the wealthy are thickly built of stone, turned inwards onto a central courtyard and well, better able to "withstand a siege."

Driving the 3 hours through unsettled countryside (like a country abandonned) to the airport, R observes:

"I've been to one country with less traffic. Malawi."



Ran Barton said...

The Delaware of South America, eh? So, this lifelong Delawarean asks, that means they have a booming chemical, banking, poultry, and soybean industry? 'Cause you're not crackin' wise on the size of Uruguay or the First State, are you?

Anonymous said...

Didn't you like Uruguay. Don't come back, please.

ctp said...

Did I say anything about not liking? You read wrong...only admiration for its remoteness.