Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Settling to write

Expanding on the "room of one's own" directive, beyond a cabin/lunchpail combo at MacDowell, from Lewis Carrol-esque mind of Hodgeson.

More Matters Literary:

The Six Essentials
Even once you have chosen a dramatic situation, however, writing a book can still be a tedious process. According to my own observation, every writer must have six essentials at his command. Some are born with them. Some develop them after many years, or a hire a professional to provide them. They are:

2.the winningness to endure solitude;
3.the belief that the world cares about what you have to say;
4.the ability to describe facial hair accurately;
5.a large desk in a quiet room of your own in which you chase your demons (preferably a circular room, so that the demons have no place to hide);
6.special stationery with pictures of typerwriters and/or quills on top.

John Hodgeson

Sikkim in spring 3/20
Prayer Flags, Sikkim

Spring in the northeast is a tempermental thing. The calendars state it's started, but there were faint flurries all afternoon. I have the heat and two layers of fleece + sweaters on.

But in Sikkim...

Gangtok clear and in the 70s.
Which means the passes are clearing, the dzo grazing and the azaleas just beginning to bloom in the Yumthang Valley.

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

(And I've looked into flights to Calcutta.)

C – sikkim-sotted

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