Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As you settle in to write

Expanding on the "room of one's own" directive, beyond a cabin/lunchpail combo at MacDowell, from Lewis Carrol-esque mind of Hodgeson.

More Matters Literary:

The Six Essentials
Even once you have chosen a dramatic situation, however, writing a book can still be a tedious process. According to my own observation, every writer must have six essentials at his command. Some are born with them. Some develop them after many years, or a hire a professional to provide them. They are:

2.the winningness to endure solitude;
3.the belief that the world cares about what you have to say;
4.the ability to describe facial hair accurately;
5.a large desk in a quiet room of your own in which you chase your demons (preferably a circular room, so that the demons have no place to hide);
6.special stationery with pictures of typerwriters and/or quills on top.

- John Hodgeson

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