Wednesday, March 08, 2006

All this talk of horses

And I hadn't shown them yet.


(a-huddle in the lower field)

Buenos Aires lifestyle plug 3/7

A few months back, with the real estate wisdom of couples twice their age, friends Cintra and Ian purchased a gracious, soaring french doors onto a wrought iron balcony edged and full terrace above boasting, charmingly situated, turn-of-the-century apartment on a sycamore-shaded street in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires.

(For a song and an amount that in New York wouldn't buy the most wretched, absurdely maintenanced walk-up in farthest Queens.)


Silly, line-toeing friends of Cin's and Ian's, remaining up here (New York), muddling along in this cruel and over-priced world, have heard for some time that there's a great life to be had down there. Cin and Ian reported, we emailed, they confirmed.

But not till Ian's recent New York magazine piece, did the world at large come to know of the miracle that is life in BA. And envy them too.

Ian's article, A Moveable Fiesta, is here.

C - in chilly New York having paid too much for a big bitter coffee

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