Thursday, February 02, 2006

Since 11/01/05 (closing/car owning/house inhabiting).

1013 Subaru miles driven .

2 major appliances (water heater and kitchen gas tank) replaced at dismal expense.

Driving comfort-level: on the up. Still no highways but can: operate brights without turning on blinkers, fill gas sans supervision and sip coffee while driving.

Keep @ 10 house plants alive - just down from starting 12.

Maintain a popular bird feeder.

Attract family of 5 deer (minus dad) to back lawn and photograph.

Witness Catskills covered in snow.

Learn the cry of the train is a signal (approaching but you can't see), not just a solitary cry in the night.

Attended an auction with other Warren Street show owners.

Achieve smiling/familiar nod basis with:
The women behind the counter at Stewarts (coffee)
Toby at the dump
The lady at the Post office
The fellow I met at the dump who married a Chilean who I now see everywhere.
The salt guy at Williams Lumber.

(and miles to go...)

C - rusticatin' at a rate

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