Thursday, February 16, 2006

Buenos Aires

"This city that I believed was my past ,
is my future, my present ;
the years I have spent in Europe are an illusion ,
I always was (and will be) in Buenos Aires."

- Jorge Luis Borges, "Arrabal", from Fervor de Buenos Aires (1921)
(the man who first put BA on my map)

Late this Sunday eve, R and I depart for Buenos Aires to visit Cintra and Ian, who have bought a remarkable apartment down there and set up a remarkable life.

They write, they explore, keep an excellent blog , make many friends, learn to take a long time cooking meat (and eating a meal), buy fanastically cheap but not cheap clothes, live in the flip world of our seasons and ski in August, master Spanish including elusive subjunctive, and do all of this just one hour behind us.

Intrigued, already overwhelmed by how much we'll see and the wonders that Cin and Ian will reveal, and anticpating the ache of why-can't-we-live-multiple-lives-in multiple-places coming on...

Last saw Cin into a taxi in the West Village many months back. Now she's almost a dual citizen of that other land.

Cin + Ian in a brand new context - will report.

C (your woman in BA, then Uruguay...)

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cintra said...

Aw shucks. I'm blushing being blogged about... Did I tell you the site of Borges' old home is just a block away from us? As of about 10 years ago, the street was renamed Jorge Luis Borges, but everyone in the neighborhood calls it by its original name, Serrano. BA trivia for ya.
Oh: One correction to report: Between October and April (standard time, right?), BA is TWO hours ahead of NYC instead of one. It's hard not to sleep until 10am with a headstart like that.