Thursday, February 16, 2006

All the saints

Arguments pro/con catholicism's spread: for another post (blog).

Lovely vestiges the religion did leave, in churches and homes from the Philippines to southern India to Mexico, were santos (saints).

As dusty cloaked groupings in shop nethers, popping up on Craigslist in collections of 150+ belonging to an ancient santos-amasser - santos are tricky to shake out, oddly categorized, misspelled, often mislabeled and, ultimately, religious.

Buddhas are an easier search.

The most detailed and vivid, and with ivory, come from the Phillipines. Santos plainer in carving but more gruesome in detail come from Central and South America.

I don't own the ones pictured, nor the crown and halo (they were dressed for holidays), but love the faces and figures.

Ivory Santos with flowing robesSilver haloSan Miguel with wings

Ivory HandIvory Santo Head2Friar saint

Saints silver crownSanMiguelDalorosa

Saint Vincent with wingsCardinal

Lesson is over.

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