Tuesday, January 24, 2006


R's new car has Sirius radio. R didn't exactly ask for it but it was on hand.

I'm not completely sold on Sirius, though I like First Wave station for giving a name to my music from years 13-20.

There's a nullifying of choice somehow by the selections of Elvis Radio, HairNation (in Rock) and Movin' Easy (which broke my heart by sweeping Gordon Lightfoot under its umbrella).

But have enjoyed imagining the social experiment of the Sirius Satellite HeadQuarters cafeteria line @ 1pm each day. Elvis-freak behind metal-head behind earnest free jazz guy behind self-important opera group behind (rowdy) ESPN dudes.

Like extreme high school. You'd hate to wander the tables with your tray as, say, the only one who decided to grab lunch from the "Totally 70's" station.

Segmenting and nullifying the count...


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