Thursday, January 26, 2006

Of leaves, fruits, ravens and the night

Friend Jessica - of so many creative ventures not the least her chef-ing and photos and food styling - is getting married to Callum. Their wedding wish list is inspired.

Gifts having to do with:
Ginko leaves (any medium)
Crow related imagery,
Pears (preferably not 3-d)
And nighttime scenes (litho, sketch, oil, water...)

And so guests are invited to act as thinking and creative beings, not simply credit-card-having, registry drones.

C (torn between the crows and the night)

Caveat/Addendum: Not dismissing registries out-right. They're a time-tested means to begin a joint-household. J + C just happen to have had one - the plates and stemware - already and so be able to forgo the Crate + Barrel lists.

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