Friday, January 27, 2006

Mirror Starbucks

Another fantastic world-askew painting from Riyaz Design.

My people, hundreds of miles south, west, below the Mason Dixon, hunched over grandes and communicating wirelessly from our outposts.

I'm in a Starbucks some half mile walk along bumpy sidewalks, by homes with relentlessly brown lawns and long-horns flags, from Linds and Chad's house on Vanderbilt. Saw one other pair as I walked - an older couple with tiny dog.

I'm wearing Chad's REI windbreaker/fleece thing in place of my furry winter coat - feel plenty conspicuous as is in clogs and as only lady-on-a-laptop here.

And as a walker.

Though I know I should curse the homogeneity of it, am finding it a welcome thing to enter into the Starbucks world I know so well (minus the upper west side mommies).

The coffee's cheaper, the doodl-y illustrations the same (do they send one guy from Starbucks HQ each Monday with an art box of colored chalk + markers? Does he roam the country with company-condoned visions of caramel lattes and fat-free blueberry coffee cakes in his head?), the music a little more jangly and the women-guests more made-up. Otherwise - identical.

Must get back to baby-room decorating: birds and shells for the little one.

C - small girl in a v. big state

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