Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Girl needs a desk

Chinese scholar at his desk.

This image (from an auction site) is an effort to keep it zen.

On scholar's desk (that I can make out):

Green box + flower in a vase.

And scholar himself:

Faraway look, nicely assembled outfit + a mug of tea.

No - bill paying thank you note writing 2 cent stamp sticking staple refilling wrong size envelope discovering cellphone out of reach encountering file-in-the-city-I'm-in-the-country realizing important-seeming tax docs collecting - he.

Just that mug-a-tea, a flower to contemplate and the days stretching out before him, each begun with a fresh set of socks laid at the foot of his bed.

And decades, perhaps not till his great grandchidlrens' time, till scholars have to deal with turbo tax and smtp servers.


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