Thursday, January 12, 2006

From Kintore East to Yuendemu

Jan 12, 2006. @ 1:15pm

(Written in the municipal parking lot across from Hudson Supermarket (home of Circa Trade), car running and notebook against steering wheel.)

No one explained the joy of pumping your own gas, going into pay, get a coffee, then - turning out of the station and onto the main road - having Beds are Burning come on the radio.

And the sun is shining (I can now roll down the window and drive at the same time).
And I opened a Circa Trade bank account today (with my first profit-check).
And the birds have finally returned to the feeder (Who'd they feed with?).
And the post office in Germantown has no line and the post woman already knows where I live.

And I can sing Midnight Oil AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS in my own car with the windows down.

Some sort of perfect.

C – besotted.

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