Sunday, January 01, 2006

Antigua, Happy 2006

Cocos Hotel, Jolly Harbor, Antigua

from December 29th (1 day into our 3 days of no luggage)
No tv, no radio, and the magazines almost finished. What freedom. No newspapers either.

(Obviously, this radio silence is impure - I'm posting - so there's internet - so news does get through - it's just not sought...)

The days, strangely, fly. They feel more filled, or more substantially filled out, by the sturdiness of the activities: reading (a whole book: the lovely bones), kayaking (not to far shore but far enough that we sweat the return, that perhaps sensible boundaries have been gone-beyond), grocery shopping for the necessities the not-yet-arrived luggage deprived of, eating – because it's lunch or dinner and you really are hungry - the swimming and shell collecting and life-living having done their thing.

New years in Antigua is astounding - even better than on paper.

C - typing in a bikini, drinking a beer, ashine with optimism if 2006 maintains this tenor.

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