Thursday, January 12, 2006

Choose a surprise

Linds (my sister) is due with their first child this April. Baby-to-be's working title - Basmati - comes c/o Dad; christened when my sister explained that foetus was the "size of a grain of rice".

Lindsey and Chad (her husband) have chosen to not find out the baby's gender until it arrives,
or along with the rest of the world,
or when (I assume they still do this) the doctor announces, baby aloft:
"Mr and Mrs Brown, you have a perfect baby ___________."

"There are so few (too few?) surprises left in the world." Chad explained, "we wanted this be one of them."

Since then, I've wasted time considering other big surprises. I recommend: the mind wanders irretrievably.

Submissions welcome.


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