Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Shades of White

They don't look like much - variations on white when they're side by side. Could a few tints one way, the other, matter?

I say, yes. That like the zillion small decisions we make daily, these sorts of sliver-choices, aesthetic inclinations - add to something and tip the scale.

We live in these rooms we paint after all. They can't not effect.

For instance: my "April Showers" living room's a dream. With R's input, we chose well. Drew, my too-educated painter off to India in January (now finishing grad school apps), was visibly proud.

A wiser new-home-owner would've stayed with the winner - done "April Showers" throughout and rested on laurels.

But, in the hubris of the modern age - that compels us to think we can make a million tiny decisions with some manner of omniscience - I fumbled blindly on choosing other colors for the other rooms.

And the success, I now see, is not quite repeated.

Come visit - wander, you'll see what I mean.

C - batting just okay.

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