Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Last weekend view to the barn.

And the view from the desk - towards the obscured Catskills. Birds in near-distance.

Birds most loyal now that I dole out half a feeder of seed a day - attendance 100%

But the reality of these snowy + cold days hit yesterday. Drew - the highly-bright painter leaving shortly for points east - called with sobering news. (I'd been pretending oil tanks fill on their own.)

The heat's dropping, Courtney.
I went down and kicked the tank.


Again this morning: the report of temp spiralling down, soon too cold to paint, begin fearing for pipes...

Finally tracked down oil-angel John at a local Suburban Gas office (I'd been bounced between oil-hoarders yesterday - no one wanted the cause of a girl who doesn't know the size of her own tank).
The tank will be filled today. I've passed the credit check and signed onto their "Auto-Fill" Plan.

Crisis averted, painting continues, I've fallen - again - right over a new home hurdle.

C - ever-struggling up that curve

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