Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Our transit strike, nyc-style

NYTimes Photo - walking cross Brooklyn Bridge
No buses - the morning was eerily quiet without screaming brakes from street below - no subway and the cleaner's closed. Most shops with employees who don't live in walking distance or can't afford cabs - are shuttered too. (Eg. your corner deli will be closed, your Eileen Fisher's open.)

The "we're in this together" steeliness (the rest of the country doesn't get how we grocery shop - they won't get this either) in the faces of other west-side walkers.

One part of the Bloomberg's contingency plan I'll try out later today: sharing a cab (to Penn Station). Take away our buses, our electricity, our monuments - we just get a little cozier.

(Sympathize with the striking MTA workers, question the timing:
"An average of seven million people ride the subway every day, and the disruption will prevent people from going to work, cause millions of dollars in economic damage and seriously upend the life of the city in the week before Christmas. from NY Times, "Millions Are Left to Make It to Work Any Way They Can")

C - watching biking commuters

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