Thursday, December 01, 2005

Of birds, tints and DSL

Nov. 30, 2005

Of birds and tints.

Came home (10 days away) to an emptied bird feeder. Dropped bags and went out, bag of seed in hand.

I thought they'd alight on my shoulders as I approached the feeder.

(Disney ruined birds for us.)

That was 18 hours ago and no bird's come to investigate, partake of my seeds.

Did I break a faith by coming too late with reinforcements?

As the feed bag warned: my heart's being broken by the absence of birds.

(May not be dog material after all.)

On more manageable/man-made fronts.

I chose 5 shades of white for the remaining rooms downstairs rooms. Broke up the chip strips and mingled (not looking) so as not to be biased by pretty pairings.
Then stepped back from the line-up so I wouldn't – serious – be influenced by a name.
Eye's closed, Acadian White was way ahead.
Steps back, names blur...

By this method, chose the color named by the new guy at Benjamin Moore – Green Tint. Neither Silver Half Dollar nor (living room choice) April Showers she.
Green Tint it is. Hall and stairs Stingray , downstairs library Anglo-centric in(their spelling) Harbour Town.
3 rooms to go.

The DSL guy is here. Next post from the bedroom, one after that in the bath...
Can control inside, no sway at all on the outside.

C – cowed by birds

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