Monday, November 07, 2005

The views

I think I mentioned that route 9G is nearer than I'd hoped, noisier than I'd anticipated.

On library floor the other night, head a-dancing with renovations and stomach-clenching idea of the house all around, had reveries interrupted by the rumbling of heavy vehicles. I recalled 70's rubber-band art and developed fatasy re-use: drive another nail into the board, somewhere east of me, and stretch the 9G band length currently running straight from Tivoli to Germantown for an extra jog right. I get peace, they (the drivers) enjoy a scenic interlude.

But, at the day's start, the view from one window is this: catskills, autumn along the Hudson, not another house - not even a spire.

So, racoons, storm-windows and road-traffic aside. I've got a house in the country.


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