Monday, November 21, 2005

Hard Scrabble

The Times took a moment to comment on the World Scrabble Championships underway in London.

Just the shot of a winning board was worth the paper - both humbling and aspirational. Common-enough words (I might even have spotted amidst tiles) mingled on the ever-even playing field of the Scrabble board with ones that would never (ever) emerge for me.


check, check and check


Not bloody likely

"In the finals, she said, euripi, Mr. Logan's opening word, was the plural of a word meaning an arm of the sea with strong currents.
Zobo, she explained to a non-Scrabbling outsider, was a form of Himalayan cattle.
Ogive was an S shape used in architecture or mathematics.
And qanat, she said, was an irrigation channel.

"We all know that one!" she exclaimed with a fond smile.

C - tipping hat to u-less q's

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