Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Filling, it's stuffing

The numbers then, something like:

500 square feet to 2,500 (not inclouding barn, basement, attic/crawlspace thing).
1 (small) bedroom, walk sideways-through kitchen, pivot bathroom with miniature sink and living room to 4 bedrooms (2 of which I rarely visit), 2 things I'll call, for now, libraries, double-length living room...

Visitors to my Chelsea apartment often mentioned a density of possessions, the layering of clutter. My neighbor wondered "how on earth I dusted it all" (didn't, atleast not often).

That clutter's not enough to fill a ROOM in the house. One couch doesn't go far, one bed can only be in one room at a time.

I have towels for 2.
Wineglasses for 3.
Lamps sufficient to light, dimly, about half the rooms.

So, I ordered:
2 full mattress sets (delivered tomorrow).
4 lamps (2 different vednors).
A pair of adirondack chairs (outdoor furnishings seeming relevant how?)
And this afternoon I'll troll hudson for more fillers.

C - with house to fill and family arriving in 3 weeks.

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cintra said...

Funny to be in same boat some 6 thousand miles south: No furniture, lots of family arriving in 3 weeks. One difference: outdoor furniture very relevant as the days get longer & hotter. I wonder if Adironack chairs exist this far from the Adirondacks...