Friday, November 04, 2005

Circa Trade on the Hudson (squint, past the driftwood table)

Last spotted: North Main Road, Koregaon park, Pune India - circa spring of 2001. Selling off, wrapping up and shipping a skeleton inventory to New York. A shopkeeper put away her pricing tags, smushed down her acquisitive urges and left India.

I hadn't really planned to restart Circa Trade but it came right back to life yesterday morning. And she looks not all that dated for the gap years - a dent, some fading, a loose joint, an excess of small wood items (I adopted malabar's inventory into my own, already burgeoning family of Kerala cooking implements), odd numbers of Jaipur tiles, missing bits of the identity (where's the Circa Trade rubber stamp? the t-shirts?). But mostly everything, and me with it, fell right back into place.

I arranged, windex-ed and pledge-d, grouped, styled (this is the Kerala kitchen story, this the lady's dressing table - she dances (ankle bracelet) and worries for her brother (photo of a sad-faced boy-man), stacked so there'd be continiuty.

Then I priced - less fun (as I'd recalled). But the proprietary thrill of tying tags to cane backs, pulling numbers out of ____, re-imagining a puja-seat as a puja-tray so that it might be sold as a cheese board...

It was a rush. Arranged my 400 sq. feet through the morning. Left Hudson on the 3:40 train and left behind a store (within a store), of sorts.

More to do but beginnings are in place. Circa Trade on the hudson, who'dve thought.

C - circa-ed

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