Friday, October 28, 2005

Crazier than Bulgaria? Unlikely

I threw out some theories in a previous post, about why Bulgaria seems to be the last word on funny-sounding places. There's the Wombles thing, the Princess Diana quote.

Insert Bulgaria in a sentence and you've got the beginnings of a joke.

And then the New York Times goes and does that very thing in today's piece: "A Second Home in Bulgaria".

Croatia's in there, a second home in Panama's in the photo, Argentina's mentioned. Bulgaria has but one mention, lumped in with Nicaragua and Turkey to illustrate "far flung locales," but isn't even even linked within the article.

The country's a verbal pawn.

I propose: reinstate Tibuktu as the last word on funny remote, and let Bulgaria alone to build a more sturdy reputation.

C - pro-Bulgaria.

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